Introducing the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) Resource Center

Over the last few weeks, I have been working with Alastair Mactaggart on a “Resource Center” for the California Privacy Rights Act (aka the “CPRA” which was enacted into law with the passage of Proposition 24).  Alastair is the Chairperson of Californians for Consumer Privacy (“CCP”) and was the main visionary and sponsor of Proposition 24 (and before that, the California Consumer Privacy Act or “CCPA”).  Alastair created the great content for the CPRA Resource Center (with editing help from the incomparable James Harrison), and I volunteered to take Alastair’s content and organize it (including making sure each section has its own unique link, creating 100s of hyperlinks inside the text to provide more context around specific terms, doing some light copy editing, etc.).  Then with significant assistance from my great web team, I  packaged all this up and published it on the CCP website.

So I am pleased to say the CPRA Resource Center is now ready for your viewing pleasure!  It is by far the definitive set of content out there for both California residents and privacy experts to better understand and interpret the CPRA.

Contents of Resource Center 

In the CPRA Resource Center you can find

  • CPRA Resource Center Home Page — the landing page that tells you what content you can review.
  • CPRA Exec Summary — a one-page overview of the CPRA; this is good content to share with Californians so they can understand their new privacy rights.
  • CPRA Summary by Section — an overview of each section of the CPRA; think of it as a Reader’s Digest of the text the law.
  • CPRA Text — the text of the law; we provide four versions (more on that below).
  • CPRA Timeline — walks you through what happens when in terms of implementation and rollout of the CPRA.

Expect more content to roll out over the coming months.

The CPRA Text

The CPRA Text is the heart of the Resource Center.  We offer 4 versions:

And the good news is you can easily toggle to what version you like with a single click at the top of each of the 4 pages.

The beauty of the CPRA Text we provide is the following:

  • each section is hyperlinked to with a unique URL, e.g. the definition of “precise geolocation” is found at 1798.140(w) and you can point someone to that exact section via a link — 
  • each defined term is hyperlinked to the actual definition inside the text, as well as 100s of additional terms have hyperlinks to them.  So, when you read a section that references “dark pattern”, the definition is a click away.  
  • over 175 annotations, providing additional “color commentary” to the text, straight from the person (Alastair) who brought us CPRA.  The annotations can be viewed by simply hovering over the parts of the text that the annotations are associated with it
  • the ability to easily see the changes of CPRA vis a vis CCPA (or not see it)
Comparing the CPRA Resource Center to Other Sites

The more content that others create around CPRA, the better to raise awareness of the law.  So, I am thumbs up to all comers including privacy vendors publishing the text of the law.  As it stands now, I do think this Resource Center is a better resource in that it goes beyond what others have currently published, namely:

  • this has 100s more hyperlinks inside the text, allowing you to better explore the meaning and definitions of key expressions and words in the text
  • the 175+ annotations at your fingertips give you additional context straight from the author of the CPRA
  • the ability to see the changes from the CCPA
  • the ability to toggle between 4 versions of the text, while other sites just provide one version of the text 
  • and of course, additional content in the form of an executive summary, summary by section and timeline

But the more the merrier!

I hope you enjoy the CPRA Resource Center and let me know if you have any comments or feedback regarding it.

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